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Summers have just kick started and it’s the time to welcome the king of all fruits – the mango. These are the pulpy viscous bag of nutrition. Mangoes are the one that makes us forgot all other fruits with its sweet tangy taste.

Not only the ripe mangoes are delicious to your taste buds but also the raw mangoes are a true delight. Raw mangoes are the healthiest fruit to try out at the beginning of summer.

Raw mangoes are often used to makes pickles. They are also found on the roadside with carts loaded with raw mangoes served freshly cut with salt and chili powder. It is a true summer specialty. While it savors the tongue with its taste lets look out the healthy benefits this raw mango provides us so that we love and enjoy eating it more.

The first thing that crosses our minds and stops us from having a ripe mango is the sugar content it holds and adds to the calories. This is just opposite when it come to raw mangoes as they are low on calorie content and helps you lose the extra pounds. Hence they are considered good for diabetics.

Some of the benefits of raw mango are

– It reduces acidity.
– It puts an end to the morning sickness in the case of pregnant women.
– It helps in treating liver disorders
– It helps to fight the prickly heat of summers as it prevents the loss of iron and sodium chloride in the body.
– Helps to fight constipation
– Raw mangoes are good for the gums as it prevents bleeding of the gums, bad odor and tooth decay.
– It boosts the immune system
– It is a rich source of vitamin C.

The only precaution to be taken while eating a raw mango is to drain its milk or sap as its intake causes gastro- intestinal, throat, and mouth infection. So next time when you see raw mango either on a tree or roadside, do not forget to pluck and munch in. It will leave you mouth watering. So start your summer with a bite of raw mangoes

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